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We are proud to service our members in Northeast Arkansas. It is our goal to provide our members safe, affordable, dependable, consumer-focused utility services. As the challenge of rising energy costs is becoming more difficult across the country, Clay County Electric utilizes all resources, technologies and education to keep our consumer impacts at a minimum.

News post Benefits of replacing old equipment, appliances - by Mitch Ross

Benefits of replacing old equipment, appliances - by Mitch Ross

Growing up, we had a patriarch in our church whose home we would visit. It was a very traditional environment with traditional values. 

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News post May is Military Appreciation Month

May is Military Appreciation Month

Service. Mission. Country. These three words describe our nation’s veterans. They also succinctly describe our core cooperative culture.

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News post New Press Release Issued:

New Press Release Issued:

Why do certain, but not all, electric cooperatives in Arkansas require application fees and liability insurance from their members who wish to interconnect solar, wind, or other self-generation resources to the grid?

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